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Our Story

Learn the about the creation and progress of Thistle Ridge Soap.

Creating high quality soaps with the best natural ingredients is my top priority; beyond the beauty and aroma, Thistle Ridge Soaps are made
to be used.

Jamie Estes, Thistle Ridge Soap

How it all began

Jamie Estes has been making handmade soaps for nearly two decades. She began in 1997 in her kitchen near Walhalla, SC. when opportunity met passion.

As Jamie's children grew older, she found more time to explore her creative endeavors. While attending a local fair, she watched a soap making demonstration and became inspired. Jamie soon realized she had a gift and passion for soap making. She immersed herself in extensive research, reading and experimentation. As a result, the cold process method of soap making was chosen, and the decision was made to use natural ingredients.

 It was this love of soap making that lead Jamie to found Thistle Ridge Soap Company in 1999.


Thistle Ridge Soap creates and produces the highest quality all natural soaps, which Jamie’s customers have grown to love.

She begins from scratch using vegetable and nut oils as the base. Herbs, spices and clays are utilized for color and texture. Essential oils scent and complement each bar. There are absolutely no synthetic fragrance oils, dyes or petroleum based products used in the Thistle Ridge Soap making process.

Today the soap is prepared in forty pound batches and each is sliced into individual bars and allowed to cure for several weeks. After drying, each bar is examined for quality, labeled and prepared for sale.

Thistle Ridge Soap has also created a complementary line of products to go with the soaps, including body soaks, lip balms, lotion sticks and body oils. These products are created with the same care and commitment to quality as the soaps, using natural ingredients and enriching with essential oils. Try some today. Review our craft fair calendar or shop online.